Saturday, September 27, 2008

My flash work 1

If you give me a laptop ( not a desktop) with Flah installed in it, i would spend days and years with no food . I luv to do this everyday. But havent improved a bit. ......


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

இதுவல்லவோ திறமை .....

3D chalk painting on the street.

What if it rains? what if some one walk on it?....
Whatever, isn't awesome?

Monday, September 08, 2008

Go Green Mommies

When every human being on this globe is talking about global warming, who is more concerned about the future?

Any guess?
25 members of global warming commission?
President of the USA?

It’s the Mothers . Yes. Amma; Mommy; Aayi; Amme; Mom; whatever u call her.

It is the Mother who is very concerned about the future of the Earth. May be she is little selfish and not worried about the earth but for her child she is worried about the environment. And I can see that she is taking all the possible measures she could to protect her child and the earth.

What? You need proof?

I do not have any Audio or video proof But in my everyday life, I can see the concerned eyes and the worried whispers from the new Mommies.

According to a research, the average American generates four pounds of solid trash per day, for a grand total of 1,460 pounds per year. Americans are the number one global trash offenders. Every day, we dispose of approximately 200 million tons of the stuff. Less than one-quarter of it is recycled, leaving the rest for land fills and incinerators.

Wow…..Thats a good number huh? Yes It is.

Why is that? Living in America is both good and bad. You have to do everything by yourself. From cooking to bathroom cleaning . Servant maid? No way. They earn more money than we do. Not everyone can afford a servant maid and we dont prefer that either.

So when we have lot of people over for dinner or lunch, to make things easy, we are inclined to use plastics/paper plates which are easy to store and easy to throw which produces lot of 'Not so earth friendly' garbage.

But for the last few months, I can see the difference that Mommies are restricting the use of plastics and they are ready to do the extra work of cleaning the vessels. Trying to take their reusable bags along to the vegetables market though we cannot get everything in a small bag. Following the husbands and the little ones to switch off the lights and the AC`s when it is not in use. Cleaning the refrigerator by throwing unwanted which in turn uses less energy.

So tell me now, who is alteast trying to save the earth? Do you agree?

So if you are a mom/dad/uncle/aunty, who hasnt started worrying about it yet, Please think about it.

Lets try to present a safe and a beautiful world to our next generations. Thanks for your cooperation Mommies

What can we do which doesnt affect our daily routine but still helps the environment.

  • Seperate recycleable garbage
  • Use public transportation
  • Use foam cups as a substitute of plastic cups.
  • Try to stay cool with the Fan and avoid AC
  • Use the sunlight to dry your clothes and avoid dryer.
  • Load the dishwasher only if it is full.
  • Print 2 pages per sheet and both the sides. ( Dont say that your company is paying for the paper and the catridge and you dont care. )
  • Wear good outfit and lower your thermostat during winter.
  • Use reusbale water bottles and if you are buying mineral water, please buy the cans and not the 16 oz bottles.

Thanks in advance


Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Yaru Namma Hero?

Vera yaru….Hero of this month namma Pillayarpatti hero Lord Ganesha than.Enna than yanai size-la thalai irunthalum avar ukkanthu irukkura style-style than.Mugathula irukkura sirippu parthu irukkengala…..oru arivali kurumba siricha epdi irukkum…Avar munnadi poyi nikkum pothe, nee ethukku innikku ennai parka vanthurukkannu enakku theriyume..apdingura mathiri oru sirippu…..Ithu lollu thane…..Every Indian has the habit of worshipping Ganesha when we travel out of town or if we are starting a new venture……Romba over ennanna…engamma murukku suda arambikkum pothu kuda, muthalla antha mavula oru china pillayar pidichu vaippanga………angaye ukkanthuruppar pudichu vacha pillayarattam.Ethanai perukku theriyum, namma pillayar-ku yen Yanai mugam vanthuchunnu…….naan romba romba china pullaya irukkum pothu…apdinna long long ago, so long ago,….siruvar malar-la vantha first story, was about PillayarPilayar kuda ennai mathiri oru sandai kozhi thanga…..avaroda amma-kkaga appa kuda sandai pottu, apdi vantha sandai-la than, pavam avar thalai poyiduchu….Pillayar chathurthi, one of the favorite festival ellarukkum iliya..annikku than special poorna kolukattai, sundal ellam kidaikkum.College padikkum pothu hostel-la irunthu escape agurathukku one more holiday. US vanthappuram kuda, I love the day, yenna antha time-la namma flushing kovil-la makkal pattu saree kattikittu parkkave mangalakarama irukkum.....Thavani parkkanumnu aasai paduravanga anga pongappa….. Free sappadu kuda undu.Intha varusham flushing kovil celebration starts on a Friday ( Aug 29th and ends on Sep 6th. ) Sep 6th, Sunday than Rath yathra. If you wanna feel like home, anga poyi oru “Ullen Iya” sollunga.C u all there.Anbudan, Ponnaththa